Real Time Delivery of Payments and Withdrawals

Instant Payouts can push payments in real time to any VISA or MasterCard branded debit or ATM card in seconds.

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Instant availability of funds

Instant payouts comes down to simplifying the processes, lowering redemption hurdles, and removing friction which allow for and immediate and final settlement of funds.

Our platform is EASY to use

No hassle. No percentages. No hidden fees.


Always know what you pay

Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees. Only pay for the payments you send.

platform Platform Usage Fee
setup Setup Fee
wallet Digital Wallet

Instant deposit of funds

Instant Payouts allows your users to receive funds in seconds, directly to their debit card, any day of the week. All card data is tokenized and protected in our PCI DSS service provider level 1 systems.
Increased security
Money transfers are made by an acquiring bank to a customer's card - no IBAN or BIC numbers necessary.
Full control
Instant Payouts is supported through our API, our dashboard and our integrations - customize the experience to fit your needs.

Instant Payouts in Action

Instant Payouts by GCOW’s platform delivers seamless, frictionless, and attainable funds in real time.


We’re a Las Vegas-based team of experts with over ten years of experience working in the digital gift card space. Our goal in creating GCOW is to provide a simple and easy-to-use platform designed to remove friction with a seamless rollout of your rewards offerings. Our API and No Code digital gift card solutions can deliver digital gift cards from 600 brands worldwide.

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